wait for it… wait… waaah!

I am so happy that people still visit this blog! I have a few followers after all. <3

But now I am proud to introduce my new blog to the world. I still need to get some work done with it, but please, enjoy my two first posts! This is exciting!

Update: If you want it, write to me or comment below. :)

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Last post

This is my last post at this website. It was created for the purpose of updating friends and family back home in Sweden while I was in the United States. It is with both joy and sadness that I am closing this blog, it will of course still be out there, but no more updating.

I just wanted to say that I’ve had an amazing year and that I have learnt so much. I would really like to thank everyone who has made this year possible and all the support I have gotten throughout this whole experience. And of course my host family who made me feel like home when I was as far away from home as possible, thanks a million times for everything!

So, thank you everyone who has read my blog, I hope you liked it. (Ps: there might just pop up another link to my new blog here in a month. Shh..)

This is how French I looked yesterday going to school.

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Goodbye party at Honeymon’s

One of my last days were spent at Honeymon’s park. It was a both fun and sad day, I had to say goodbye to some friends which always sucks. Otherwise we had really fun, we went on the paddleboats, ate good food, had sandcastle competition and just enjoyed the sunshine.

After having spent the whole day at honeymon’s we went to the coast and walked along the beach. As usual the coast was really cold so after that we had to go to Mo’s for some clam chowder. I love that soup, it always fills me up. Haha.

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Seattle, Washington with host family!

During May my host family and me went on a little trip to Seattle! I was really excited to see the city which had a really nice atmosphere to it. I could never imagine myself living there though, due to the like 320 days of rainy weather, more rain than Eugene!

Anyways, we drove from Oregon to Washington and it took us about 5 to 6 hours, maybe a little longer with all the stops. Haha. But finally we arrived to the hotel and took a little break before we went out to do some exploring of the city. First thing when we walked out the door we walked into this huge “Seattle Folkfestival” with all kinds of foods, handicrafts, activities and people.

We also went up the space needle and got an amazing view over the city. The Space needle was built by an architect who thought that people would live like that in the future (picture below). I found that to be very amusing. Haha. :)

The other days we went back up the space needle again, visited the museum of music, Seattle aquarium, the first STARBUCKS (!), shopping centre and some nice restaurants with good food. I really enjoyed this trip to Seattle I had a lot of fun!

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U.S travel –> Crater lake, Oregon!

Sorry that it has been a while since I last posted something about me and my family’s exploits in the U.S, but here another one, the last one.

From San Francisco and Napa Valley we drove back to Oregon and stopped by Crater Lake on our way to Eugene. We had planned to go the south road there and then exit through the north and go straight to Eugene, but it wasn’t that simple. We entered through the south but couldn’t exit through the north due to all the snow (!) so we had to go all the way back and then around (took us like 2 hours extra..).

Anyhow Crater lake is just unbelievably beautiful, it has something mystic about it. I’ve been there once before but it was different now cause of all the snow. Crater lake gets about 20 meters of snow every season!!! No wonder it rains so much in Eugene… haha. :) Well me and my family we didn’t really think about the snow so we showed up in shorts and t-shirts and were then taken by surprise by the snow. I mean we just left Napa Valley and then we encountered “winter”.

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Grabben vill vara som sin moster i 3d glajjor

When I met my sister like a month ago I also saw Ossian, it felt great giving them a big hug after nearly a year without seeing them. Annie came home to us with Ossian and we talked and played a bit with Ossi and his busses before we headed out for lunch. We met up with Sebastian at this delicious lunchplace and we talked about mostly everything. It was a lot of fun.

Later we headed up to look at Sebastaian’s new place, which was small and so cosy. We “fikade” and talked a lot more, this time more about soap and homemade eco-friendly skin and hair products. I found it to be every intersting and I would love to fully devote my time into inventing a new “beauty revoultion”.

So well, I thought that I could post some adorable pictures of me highly beloved nephew. Moster saknar sin lilla pluttis. :(

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Jag älskar tvål!

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I love soap! Well I should rephrase that, I love “manufacturing” soap. The chemical reaction that evolves in my kitchen, raising the temperature of ordinary tap water to a rousing 90 degrees Celsius is such a rush!

I haven’t fully mastered my title as soap-master yet, to be honest, some of the soaps are slightly corrosive. But I do have faith in the soap I made today, an olive soap bar with a hint of avocado oil. Sounds good yo?

What else? I am busy preparing for my hiking trip to the mountains. Yesterday I got a mini towel, some dried food and “hiking pants”! I am almost as excited for this as I am making soap, the only catch is that I don’t know these people. Hopefully they will be sweet little angels to me, that would be nice.

Also I’ll post some pictures from when Nicole and Sofie came to Ingarö during the weekend, we had a lot of fun! We made hair and facial masks from ingredients we had at home. I for example, or all of us, had this avocado-yougurt-honey and egg mixture in our hair while in the sauna. Even though I didn’t see any instant results and I woke up with eggshells in my hair the following morning, it was worth it. Because we had a good time trying it.

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Det börjar arta sig!

Soon you won’t even recognize me anymore, it feels great. I am a new person inside-out and it is with new confidence that I will walk out the door tomorrow. When I for so many years have been stuck in this same position with no light ahead, I can now see it. And it is freaking curly.

With those curls coming right there, I am the new Carrie Bradshaw! I just love them, gosh I wish I’d have nice curls… 
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The prison break marathon into late nights opened my eyes for this guy.

“Michael Scofield”

& Måns Zelmerlöw..

These two guys have nothing to do with each other but they have one thing in common, being ridiculously, ridiculously, ridiculously good-looking. :)

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U.S travel –> San Francisco, California

After a well deserved relaxing day in San José with shopping and tanning we headed towards two days in San Francisco. The day off in San José meant missing out on Yosemite National park, but the condition we were in after rising at 6 o’clock in the morning and walking around in National parks for a week allowed it. It is actually surprisingly wearisome to discover and see things sometimes. I like what Anne said ” I need a vacation from my vacation”, so true in our case.

Anyway lets now focus on just San Francisco: What did we do? We spent our time in China town, seeing Golden Gate Bridge, driving to Napa Valley and down Lombard street, Shopping, walking around in downtown, watching the sea lions at Pier 39 and eating some pretty good food (except for the evening spent at the Sushi Boat in China town..).

What I liked the most must have been China town, I don’t know why I feel so connected to Asian culture, but it just has this special “feel” to it. My second favourite must have been the tour in Napa Valley at “Mumm winery”, I just thought it was very interesting to understand a little more about the process from grapes to wine.

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